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Safety & Protection


  • It is dangerous to drive with high density color lenses, especially in dark tunnel in the evening/at night.
  • While driving, do not wear bright lenses such as blue, green or red as it may be hard to recognize signals .
  • Strong impact may damage both mineral (glass) and plastic lenses. You should consider wearing sports eyewear for every activity that carries a risk for eye injury, as the can withstand impacts that result from a sport such as soccer, baseball etc. Regular spectacle lenses do not generally provide the adequate protection required for this type of activities.
  • Please be aware when driving into tunnels wearing tinted or Photochromic lenses since color may stay and might not fade away, causing visual difficulties. 
  • Please refrain from looking directly at sunlight even with sunglasses as it may cause serious damage to the eye, leading to blindness.
  • Don’t wear lenses with deep scratches and cracks as vision will be affected.
  • Please never use reading glasses when driving or using the stairs.
  • When walking with progressive lenses, the perception of depth may be different especially when viewing with near vision area in the lens. Bring your chin down to view through the far vision area in the upper part of the lens.
  • For driving, please wear lenses that you have completely adapted to.
  • Do not leave your lenses in places where the temperature changes rapidly or when temperature is over 60°C as optical quality might be altered causing cracks on the lenses.